Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chiaro Fall 09:Assignment 3-2

The next morning, when I heard my classmate asked me, "Did you use photoshop to do this?" for my sphere, I knew I succeeded in drawing a perfect sphere. Actually, this small success in drawing a perfect sphere had a huge effect on me. I started to believe that I can draw something by using charcoal. Before this, I tried very hard to control charcoal. The result were not stable, and I thought sometimes I was just lucky. 5 hours of working on just drawing a sphere was a very good  investment. Something this time...and I started to believe myself.

But after I finished my sphere, I was tired and didn't have much time on  light and shadow block in of the master piece copy. I think I did it so so....

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chiaro Fall 09:Module 4: Fabric

It is a tired day. I believe that I almost fell sleep while I was drawing, but i still heard something important in today's class. It is about being patient. I love the teacher said, "Being patient is to educate our eyes. If we can see more and precisely, we will do more." I just hope that before my eyes are well educated, they won't be too tired."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chiaro Fall 09:Assignment 3-1


Actually, it took me some time to understand what Da Vinci drew. I think this is something that will not come to my head forever, but it is such an interesting painting. Doing Block-in of this painting is very complicated and hard. The angles of feet are not easy to catch. Though sometimes I think the most difficult thing is usually the simplest thing,  it doesn't mean that copying this complicated painting will be a piece of cake. I still made a lot of mistakes when I was doing this homework. It looks like I still have a long way to go.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chiaro Fall 09:Module 3: Composition


Composition is always a mystery for me for a long time. Yeah~ my art teacher in elementary school has already taught me lots of the theories of composition: what is better and what is worse. I just can say that  I don't have talent to use these theory on my painting. I always use my feeling as my tool to compose my painting. Sometimes I tried hard to use these theories on my painting, but the result was  awful. On the other class, Drawing from imagination, the teacher said that we illustrators plan everything before drawing. I did plan, but not based on these theory. Art stuff is such hard things that I can't not just learn by my sense but also sensibility.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Chiaro Fall 09:Assignment 2

1. Value Assignment: Block-in Figure with Value

Prud'hon's work is amazing. After I learn more and more, I am impressed by this simple sketch more. I have no idea how he can catch the lines and angles of the human body so accurately.Unlike him, I think that I must be some kind of "block-in" idiot. After I spent lots of time on this homework and corrected it many many times. I thought I did it almost perfectly, but I was wrong. Although the biggest  mistake that I made was I put Prud'hon's drawing copy tilted, I made my drawing with longer legs and bigger buttocks. But I can't use this for my excuse. I am not good in block-in is a fact that I have to face. I come here for learning, so I hope that I can combine both my feeling and  technique to make perfect work one day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chiaro Fall 09:Module 2: Value

It was a day that I learn a lot again, though I still struggled with using charcoal to draw. I can remember that I drew my first sphere when I study in elementary school. No one told me how these shadows came from. My teacher just drew a sphere and made me imitate to draw it. I learned the characteristic of  light in my physics class in senior high school, but I never thought this lesson can be used on drawing. I think that I am always a slow learner. I still understand these knowledge little by little.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Chiaro Fall 09:Assignment 1

Though I don't want to admit, the language is still one issue for me to study here. The homework I did  looked fine, but I didn't do it correctly. What really happened was that I did understand the English on the handouts, but I can not trust myself. I was afraid that I misunderstood it, so I finish the painting. It was a good lesson to me.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chiaro Fall 09:Module 1: Perspective

Before this class, I never heard about the idea of perspective. But it sounds reasonable, so I can accept it easily. Maybe there was a vague concept in my brain for a long time, and it became a clear expression today. Actually, after several weeks, I find  that it is very useful to me while I want to create environments. I am surprised with that people just discovered this idea about hundreds of years ago. I think I should feel lucky that I live in the 21st century and learn it from the class so quickly.

Chiaro Fall 09:Basic, Basic & Basic...

Actually, I still feel that everything around me is unreal. I have no idea if it is worth to come here, but life goes on.

Before I went to the class, I didn’t know everything about studying in Art school. Everything was strange to me. I brought all my brand new art supplies. Most of them were things that I had never touched in my life. And I haven't worked on any artistic projets for for a long time.