Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sustained Figurative Concepts:Module 4

Bill told us he wanted to grade today's work as a mid-term grade suddenly. This announcement made me draw this one very carefully. But the effect of color I used was not that good, I have to think about it later. Today, we drew two drawings by turns. One was Standing figure, and the other was head. I did my head drawing ugly. What I can say is that I really have to practice harder. 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Head Drawing:Module 4

It is getting better, today. When I started to use tissues to blend the charcoal pencil strokes, the annoying black spots disappeared. It seemed that it was easy to control the values. However, I was so frustrated about that the proportion of this drawing was still corrected by the teacher. This meant that I still repeated the same mistake. I hope that I won't do it again in my future drawings or paintings... 

Friday, February 19, 2010

Workshop Practice

The teacher Bill of this workshop was not that Bill I expected. But he was a funny guy. The idea he taught matched mine, so he didn't have too much opinion on my drawing. The main reason why I went to the workshop is that I want to practice. Besides, I felt bored at home and needed some fresh air.(?) I was glade that I still got feeling about drawing 20 mins sketch. I have to admitted that I had a good time with drawing in a relax environment.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sustained Figurative Concepts:Module 3

"It's looking good!" was Bill's comment to the left painting, though I had no idea how it looked good.  Compare to his work, mine was so rough. And I didn't know how can he draw that intricate painting in that short time, especially with nupastel. But I learned something today. I started to see the green color on the reflect light. I heard the theory of painting.  I tried to keep these new things in my mind. That's why I am here. And that's why I enjoy every class I take here. Next Wednesday, I hope that I can still have my feeling about using nupastel.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Head Drawing:Module 3

I tried to follow the steps that our teacher taught us to draw the head today. However, It was not easy to give up all instinct and force myself to draw in a unfamiliar way. I had no idea why Mr.  Tomutsu came and ask about my drawing twice. Maybe he couldn't tolerate my ugly drawing today....:p In the afternoon, he came and did some demo on my drawing. So, That's what you see on the top. Actually, after he finished his demo. I had no idea how to continue my drawing. I felt that every stroke I made was a damage. I hope that I learned something from this demo. There is still lots of skills I have to catch...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Head Drawing:Assignment 1:Master Copy

Insisting on using only Charcoal pencil to draw made me suffer a fiasco. Though the biggest problem of this drawing was bad proportion, using charcoal pencil still caused some damages. Th criticism I heard today was the worst one after I came here to study. I was so angry that I made so many mistakes on this drawing. However, that was a good thing to me. It told me that I still got lots thing to learn. I think that I have to work harder in this semester. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sustained Figurative Concepts:Module 2

It was my first time to use Nupastel for drawing. Actually, I didn't do it very well. Especially compare to other good ones, it was not even close. Because I draw the head too small, it made me hard to deal with face. But I found that it was really funny. I love the new technique of drawing people that our teacher taught today. I think what I have to do now is practice and practice. Yeah~ We are moving forward to the color world....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Head Drawing:Module 2

"Edge Control" is the most important lesson I learned today. I started to understand how and why we have to do it while we draw or paint. I am angry about why I took so long to know this important lesson, and waste two practices in class.  Besides, I still struggled with using charcoal pencils today. Though someone tell me that I did a good job on drawing this model, I still felt not that well. I  learned something today was a good thing. It meant that I can get progress next time. I hope that I really can have a good drawing next time.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Sustained Figurative Concepts:Module 1: Chiaroscuro "Anatomy of a Shadow"

The director of the Illustration Department looked totally different from his photo on the website. This idea came to my mind at once while I saw him. He taught lots of stuff in today's class. I can understand some of them, but I was afraid that I had no idea how to use these theories in drawing. Maybe after several years, I will know it all in a sudden.

We will use nupastel to draw in this class. After I realized what they are, I felt a little excited about it. It means that we move a little closer on the way to colorful world. Though using new material make me feel nervous, too. I believe that I will have hard time to struggle for using it. I just hope that I can keep going and concentrate on what I learn.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Head Drawing :Module 1:Understand form/ Cast Shadows/ Procedure

After a long winter break, this was my first class of the new semester. I can't say that I didn't feel excited about this. But on the other hand, I felt nervous and worried about that I could lose my skills because of lack of practice.

The teacher of this class is a Japanese. His name is Tomutsu Takishima. (He said this is a strange name in japan.) He is an interesting and energetic guy. He talked lots of detail of the class...very Japanese style. And the way he spoke English made me almost can imagine how he speak Japanese. It didn't mean that he spoke broken English. Actually, his English is pretty well.  I think he is a good teacher,and hope that he will be... 

What he taught today was the procedure of drawing a head. I thought he taught well. Unfortunately, I didn't do a good job in today's drawing.  The line quality was so bad. I hope that I was just rusted, like Jonathan said. Though drawing head is my weakness of my drawing skills originally, I hope that I can do the better work today. It looks like there are many new challenges and tasks for me in this new semester.

ps. Proportion is the most important thing of a drawing!!!