Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Head Drawing:Module 6

This is the first day I started to draw on a tone paper. The result is not that good. The reason is that I didn't use the value of tone paper well and put too much white on it.  I think I still need more practices with this new skill. (On the up-right conner is the practice of drawing ear.) 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sustained Figurative Concepts:Module 5

Head Drawing:Module 5

What I can say is, "This is not my drawing..." 

Mr. Tomutsu was not in the classroom in this afternoon. The reason surprised me. He had to see the doctor. Why did he has to see the doctor? It was because he got hit by a car!!!! In this morning, I noticed that he was lame. I thought that he just got sprain or some other small injuries and never thought that it was a car accident.  He said he was lucky, and had a strange experience. I believed that and hoped that I won't have the same experience forever....

Let's go Back to my drawing today!  Originally, I thought that it would became a easy day because Mr. Tomutsu wasn't there.