Friday, August 8, 2014

Thank you, dad!

Unlike United States, Father's day in Taiwan is in August 8th. It is because the pronunciation of 8 in mandarin is similar to "Pa". And "Father" in chinese is "爸爸". The pronunciation of 爸爸 is also similar to "Papa". Therefore, August 8th became Father's day in Taiwan.

Mother is someone who always gives me a hug at home. And Father is that man who supports me all the time. The memory that I was carried on the father's shoulder is still in my brain deeply. Thank you, dad! Thank you for letting me sit on your shoulder and see more things!

不同於美國,台灣的父親節是8月8日。我想,媽媽是可以永遠在家給我們溫暖的人。而爸爸,就是那個永遠支持全家的人。我永遠忘不了小時候坐在爸爸肩膀上的回憶,因為這樣,我可以看得比你更多與更遠。Thank you, Dad!