Monday, June 30, 2014

Goal?? You never know where a painting will take you to?

I did this painting because 2014 FIFA World Cup is in Brazil right now. I am not really a soccer fan. But every four years, I will turn on my TV (now is my computer) to watch this amazing soccer festival. This year, I thought that if I can paint some cute animals playing soccer would be a good idea.  Originally, I just want to make it simple and easy. In the end, this is what it becomes. I am not saying that this is a bad painting, or I didn't work hard enough. It is just different from what I expect. I remember I asked one of my fine art teacher once, "Do you know what your painting will become at the beginning?" "No." He gave me this answer instantly. A painting is always like an adventure. You never know where it will take you to. I was just  a little disappointed at the destination when I arrived. After one day, my feeling got better. I realized that my love and passion of the sport brought something in this painting. After all, you can't lie in your painting. On the other hand, I had fun and learned a lot in this adventure.  Some of my friends love it,too. So, why should I be frustrated? Just be happy & keep going~ Ok! I believe this is what will happen to every illustrator. (And I think there aren't many people reading this blog so I can write nonsense words like this.)

Now, let's enjoy rest of the soccer games in this world cup!!! 

我其實不是一個真正的足球迷。但每四年世界杯的時候,我都會打開電視機(現在是電腦,高速網路與HD畫質萬歲!第四台業者吃屎!)觀賞這盛會,畢竟國與國之間的對抗真的很刺激!今年決定讓這兩隻最近很愛的角色參與這場盛會,於是有了這張畫。起初我希望它可以簡單而可愛,而這是最後的成果。我並不是說這張畫不好,只是它與我原本的期望不同。我記得我在學校的時候問過一位Fine Art的老師:「你在開始畫一張畫的時候就知道它完成會是怎樣模樣嗎?」「不!」他很明確的回答我。我總覺得每張畫就是一趟冒險,在完成之前,永遠不知道它會帶你去哪?我想我只是對於最後的結果與自己想像不同感覺有點挫折。這感覺其實持續了一兩天,但轉念一想,就慢慢放下了。我想我對於運動的熱愛與堅持,帶給這張畫很多影響,畢竟你是沒辦法在畫中說謊。我在這趟冒險中,學了很多,也有著很多樂趣,很多朋友也喜歡它!我想我該滿足,並繼續往前走。好吧!我想這是每個畫畫的人都會遇見的事吧?(而且我想因為沒有很多人會看這Blog,所以我才可以在這胡言亂語)